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A Brief Introduction to Royal Pythons

Royal Python Downloads - The Royal Python.co.ukRoyal Pythons are large bodied, terrestrial snakes that originate from the West, East and Central regions of Africa. They have become a common species within the pet trade both here and abroad, where they are sometimes referred to as Ball Pythons.

Here are a few reasons why Royal Pythons make great pets:

Temperament: Royal Pythons have great temperaments and are easy to tame. They are very docile, as they are more likely to curl up in a ball to protect themselves than strike at a potential threat. They are easy and safe to handle, despite their size, and make a good choice for people who are new to snake keeping.

Attractiveness: Royal Pythons are quite an attractive snake, with distinct patterning and well-rounded body shapes. Generally, normal Royal Pythons are earthy colours like brown, beige and black with gold and white markings, but various morphs are available that differ greatly from the normal colourations.

Ease of Care: Royal Pythons are very simple to take care of and it does not take much time to fulfill their every need. They only require feeding every 5-14 days depending on the age of your Royal Python and, with regular spot cleaning, will only need it's vivarium cleaned out once a month. Daily water changes are necessary, but apart from this they require little attention, except for when handling.

Interest: Royal Pythons are a very interesting pet, as they are not your typical domesticated animal. They are good to watch and you may be easily intrigued by your snake's movements, habits and behaviour. You are likely to find that watching your Royal Python constrict and eat it's prey, climb upon branches and go through the shedding process are quite fascinating.

Size: Royal Pythons are popular because they grow to a manageable size, despite being quite robust. The average size for an adult Royal Python is around 4-5 foot, so your Royal Python will never grow too large to handle.

Cost: Depending on the morph you choose, Royal Pythons are a relatively cheap snake to buy and they are not expensive to feed, but they do require a basic set up made to their requirements. Every Royal Python will require a suitably sized vivarium, a heat source, a thermostat, a water bowl, 2 hides, artificial plants and some substrate, so the initial set up may be expensive, but once this is established then maintenance costs are minimal.

Hardiness: Royal Pythons are quite a hardy species of snake and are unlikely to get ill with appropriate care. Usually the most common complaints, such as mites and respiratory infections can not only be treated easily, but can also be avoided with good hygiene practices.

Longevity: Many snake keepers like snakes because they are long lived. Royal Pythons can live up to about 20 to 30 years with appropriate care, although lifespans of up to 40 years are not unheard of. This means that your pet will be with you for a long time, giving you many years of enjoyment and interest.

Here are a few reasons why Royal Pythons do not make great pets:

Companionship: Although Royal Pythons do not seem to mind regular handling and contact with their owners, they are not as receptive to humans as other animals that are commonly kept as pets. They can not be taught to respond to their names or do tricks like a dog, nor will they appreciate fancy toys like a cat or lots of affection like a rabbit. You should only choose to keep a Royal Python if you understand that they are not entirely domesticated and may not always appreciate your attention.

Feeding: Royal Pythons are notorious for being bad feeders. They tend to go off their food regularly, especially when stressed by too much handling, poor vivarium conditions, when ill and during shedding. Short fasts are usually nothing to be concerned about, but habitual fasting may cause the owner a lot of worry as well as the expense of wasted prey items. Only purchase a Royal Python if you are aware that feeding will not always be an easy feat and you have the persistence to continue trying despite any anxiety that may be caused.

Food: Royal Pythons have a diet entirely made up of rodents, which provide all their nutritional needs. Some people in your household may not be too happy with the prospect of having frozen mice and rats in the house, let alone the thought of them being in the freezer with the family food. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with you having frozen prey items in the house, before you buy a Royal Python. You should also research the availability of your Royal Python's food before buying you snake. Frozen rodents are usually readily available from Reptile Shops and online, but it is advised that you check availability in your area as it may prove difficult to feed your Royal Python if there are no stockists nearby.

Longevity: Although the average lifespan is around 20-30 years, Royal Pythons can live up to 40 years with appropriate care, so may outlive their interest, especially when bought as a family pet. Before you buy your Royal Python ensure that you are willing to make such a commitment as it may be difficult for you to rehome your Royal Python when your situation or life style changes.

Phobias: Many people are afraid of snakes and even though Royal Pythons are totally harmless to humans, this will include your pet snake too. Be prepared for negative comments about your pet and do not be surprised if some people do not share your enthusiasm for your Royal Python.

Illegal Trade and Trafficking: The popularity of the Royal Python as a pet as meant that they have long been a target for illegal trade and trafficking. In their native Africa, the Royal Python has seen a decline in population due to this exporting for the pet industry and the capturing for the skin trade. Although it is unlikely that a Royal Python bought in this country would be illegally imported, it may be reasonable precaution to find out as much information about the history of your snake as possible before purchase. As well as the moral implications, illegally caught wild specimens are more likely to be unwell, suffer stress and carry parasites. Purchasing your Royal Python from a trusted breeder or respected reptile shop should ensure that your Royal Python has been captive bred and keep your conscious clear.

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